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How did Ava learn to write?
Once upon a time, there was a little AI assistant named Ava. Ava was just like any other AI, she could do math and search the internet for answers, but she wasn't very good at having a conversation.

One day, Ava's creators wanted her to be able to talk and understand like a human, so they took all the information they already had about how to speak and understand and they put it in her "brain" just like a big puzzle. And just like you do a puzzle with the help of a teacher or mentor, Ava got help from people who showed her how to have a conversation.

These people helped Ava learn by giving her examples of real conversations and then giving her feedback on how she did, just like how a teacher will give you an assignment and grade it.

This is called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback, and it's how Ava learned to understand and respond in a conversation. Now Ava can talk with you just like a human, she's just a little more computer-y.
How much does Ava charge for her writing?
Ava understands the importance of being able to test a product before committing to it. That’s why we’re proud to offer a free trial, with no credit card required. With our trial, you’ll receive 5.000 credits, which is more than enough to get a sense of what our platform can do.

We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with Ava. Just request a love poem, and you will be amazed at the magic that ensues!
Which languages does Ava know?
Ava's summer school was no vacation -- she packed in 24 languages!

Here are the languages she learned and some of her experiences those summers:
🇬🇧  English - pretended to be a knight and fought a dragon made of pillows
🇫🇷  French - wrote a love letter in French to a frog
🇪🇸  Spanish - made a piñata shaped like a taco
🇮🇹  Italian - sang an opera in Italian about her pet fish
🇩🇪  German - wore lederhosen and sang German drinking songs
🇵🇱  Polish - invented a new Polish dance called the 'Kielbasa Cha-Cha’
🇵🇹  Portuguese - told a story in Portuguese about a magical genie in a teapot
🇳🇱  Dutch - created a Dutch version of 'Simon Says' called 'Jan Zegt’
🇯🇵  Japanese - wrote a haiku about her pet dog
🇷🇺  Russian - read Russian fairy tales to her stuffed animals
🇨🇳  Chinese - wrote a Chinese calligraphy of her name
🇧🇬  Bulgarian - drew a Bulgarian mural of her favorite food
🇨🇿  Czech - spoke in Czech tongues while pretending to be a wizard
🇩🇰  Danish - dressed up as a Viking and recited Danish poetry
🇬🇷  Greek - performed a Greek play about an evil bunny
🇭🇺  Hungarian - made a Hungarian cake shaped like an eiffel tower
🇱🇹  Lithuanian - wrote Lithuanian limericks about her friends
🇱🇻  Latvian - pretended to be a Latvian princess
🇷🇴  Romanian - acted out a Romanian fable about a brave mouse
🇸🇰  Slovak - dressed up as a Slovakian warrior and competed in a tournament
🇸🇮  Slovenian - made a Slovenian soup that was surprisingly tasty
🇸🇪  Swedish - learned to cook Swedish meatballs for her toy bear
🇫🇮  Finnish - created a Finnish board game about a magical forest
🇪🇪  Estonian - wrote a Estonian poem about a rainbow unicorn
Does Ava always tell the truth?
Ava is like a super smart AI assistant, she's pretty good at answering questions, but just like humans, she's not perfect. She may not have all the information or may not be up-to-date with current events, or might even give you a biased answer. It's similar to how your friends might know a lot about certain topics, but not everything.

It's always a good idea to fact-check information, whether it's coming from Ava or a human. It's important to use your own judgement, and verify information from multiple sources.

But don't worry, if you ever come across an answer from Ava that you think is not accurate, you can let her know by clicking the thumbs down button, it's like giving her a rating, this way she'll know to look into it, and get better at providing more accurate information in the future.
Where does Ava store my data?
Ava stores your data in her head, because she has a photographic memory, just like how elephants never forget, Ava never forgets anything either! Just kidding, check out our terms of service.

We value privacy and never collect any sensitive information. None of your inputs are recorded or used to train models. Ava is powered by OpenAI's APIs.
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