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— Ava is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write your first draft in seconds, enabling you to get more done in less time!

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Meet Ava

Generate content in seconds using AI

Streamlines your writing process from content ideation to co-creating entire campaigns with AI.

Get more done in less time

Ava helps you whip up a draft in seconds – freeing up more time to tackle other important tasks and increase your productivity

Take your writing to the next level

Having studied Shakespeare and 10% of the internet, Ava knows quality writing. Get help to elevate your writing to new heights.
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Discover how Ava streamlines your writing workflows

With Ava's help, streamline all of your writing needs with ease - whether it's brainstorming articles or creating compelling marketing emails.

Effortlessly create ads that convert

As a marketer, generating fresh and engaging ad angles can be challenging. Ava makes it easy by allowing you to generate multiple ad variations for A/B testing, so you can identify which creatives resonate best with your audience and drive conversions.
Brainstorm countless marketing angles for your ads without wasting time or resources.
Quickly research buyer personas' pain points and desires, so you can create ads that resonate instantly.
Automate the writing process with Ava's AI-powered technology, allowing you to produce persuasive ad copy quickly and efficiently.
HR content

Streamline your hiring process and find the perfect candidate

Hiring the right candidate can be a challenging process, but with Ava's HR templates, you can easily generate captivating job listings and interview questions that attract top talent. You can also evaluate job applicants objectively and quickly generate personalized outreach messages on LinkedIn to help you find the perfect fit.
Generate captivating job listings to attract top talent and streamline your hiring process.
Quickly generate relevant and specific interview questions to help you evaluate candidates effectively.
Easily generate personalized outreach messages on LinkedIn to reach out to potential candidates and save time on candidate sourcing.

Optimize your online store and boost sales

Running an ecommerce business can be challenging, but Ava simplifies the process by helping you optimize your product listings and customer support. With Ava's ecommerce templates, you can create engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.
Create optimized product listings that maximize visibility and conversions on popular platforms like Etsy and Amazon.
Craft delightful replies to customer support requests and public reviews that show your customers you care.
Save time and resources by automating the writing process with Ava's AI-powered technology.

Write high-quality blog posts faster with Ava

Writing blog posts can be a time consuming process, but with Ava's article templates, you can create content that is informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized. With access to Ava's extensive knowledge base, you can write intelligently on nearly every topic and produce content that resonates with your audience.
Produce original and high-quality blog posts that engage your audience and boost your website's visibility
Generate creative blog post ideas that will rank well on Google and engage your audience
Craft attention-grabbing titles that drive traffic to your website

Elevate your email communications for Sales, Marketing, and Support

Looking for a way to streamline your email communications and save time? Ava offers a solution with its advanced AI technology that generates personalized emails up to 10 times faster than a human, freeing you up to focus on other important aspects of your business.
Generate personal responses to messages, comments, reviews, and support tickets with a friendly tone at lightning speed.
Create a series of effective cold email templates for different audience segments, such as decision-makers, influencers, and gatekeepers.
Boost your email open rates with subject lines that work
Social media

Effortlessly create months of social media content

Discover how Ava can help you generate social media content quickly and easily, so you can maintain a strong online presence.
Generate dozens of clever Instagram captions, including puns that'll have your followers chuckling.
Craft attention-grabbing video scripts that have the potential to go viral on TikTok and YouTube.
Publish informative LinkedIn articles that'll help establish you as an authority in your industry.

Your first draft, made in seconds

Generate high-quality articles, blogs, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, tweets, Instagram captions, and more in seconds.

Blog post

Write the page title, and Ava will take care of the rest.

Meeting agenda

Just provide the topic and Ava outlines your agenda.

Social media post

Generate multiple options and choosing the one that stands out.

Press release

Go to market without having to become an expert in PR.

Job description

Start with basic requirements and watch as the rest takes shape.

Sales email

Grab attention and cut through the noise in exciting new ways.


Write a cute haiku about robots, burritos, or your quarterly OKRs.

Pros and cons list

Think through scenarios you may not have originally considered.


Create instant structure and stay in your creative flow.

Ready to write at the speed of light?

See how easy it can be to write amazing content. Sign up now and never stare at a blank page again!
AIDA Framework
Use the timeless marketing framework of AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
Content improver
Transform a piece of content to be more captivating, appealing and engaging.
Email subject lines
Create click-worthy email subject lines.
BAB framework
Easily create an effective ad using the proven PAS framework - Problem, Agitate, Solution.
Email responder
Answer any email perfectly in seconds.
Twitter tweet
Generate viral tweets to grow your twitter presence.
Personalized cold email
Create personalized cold emails that actually get you a response.

BAB framework
Easily create an effective ad using the proven PAS framework - Problem, Agitate, Solution.
AIDA Framework
Use the timeless marketing framework of AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
Content improver
Transform a piece of content to be more captivating, appealing and engaging.
Email subject lines
Create click-worthy email subject lines.
BAB framework
Easily create an effective ad using the proven PAS framework - Problem, Agitate, Solution.

Ava-lanche of questions?

Don't worry, leave it to Ava.
How did Ava learn to write?
Once upon a time, there was a little AI assistant named Ava. Ava was just like any other AI, she could do math and search the internet for answers, but she wasn't very good at having a conversation.

One day, Ava's creators wanted her to be able to talk and understand like a human, so they took all the information they already had about how to speak and understand and they put it in her "brain" just like a big puzzle. And just like you do a puzzle with the help of a teacher or mentor, Ava got help from people who showed her how to have a conversation.

These people helped Ava learn by giving her examples of real conversations and then giving her feedback on how she did, just like how a teacher will give you an assignment and grade it.

This is called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback, and it's how Ava learned to understand and respond in a conversation. Now Ava can talk with you just like a human, she's just a little more computer-y.
How much does Ava charge for her writing?
Ava understands the importance of being able to test a product before committing to it. That’s why we’re proud to offer a free trial, with no credit card required. With our trial, you’ll receive 5.000 credits, which is more than enough to get a sense of what our platform can do.

We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with Ava. Just request a love poem, and you will be amazed at the magic that ensues!
Which languages does Ava know?
Ava's summer school was no vacation -- she packed in 24 languages!

Here are the languages she learned and some of her experiences those summers:
🇬🇧  English - pretended to be a knight and fought a dragon made of pillows
🇫🇷  French - wrote a love letter in French to a frog
🇪🇸  Spanish - made a piñata shaped like a taco
🇮🇹  Italian - sang an opera in Italian about her pet fish
🇩🇪  German - wore lederhosen and sang German drinking songs
🇵🇱  Polish - invented a new Polish dance called the 'Kielbasa Cha-Cha’
🇵🇹  Portuguese - told a story in Portuguese about a magical genie in a teapot
🇳🇱  Dutch - created a Dutch version of 'Simon Says' called 'Jan Zegt’
🇯🇵  Japanese - wrote a haiku about her pet dog
🇷🇺  Russian - read Russian fairy tales to her stuffed animals
🇨🇳  Chinese - wrote a Chinese calligraphy of her name
🇧🇬  Bulgarian - drew a Bulgarian mural of her favorite food
🇨🇿  Czech - spoke in Czech tongues while pretending to be a wizard
🇩🇰  Danish - dressed up as a Viking and recited Danish poetry
🇬🇷  Greek - performed a Greek play about an evil bunny
🇭🇺  Hungarian - made a Hungarian cake shaped like an eiffel tower
🇱🇹  Lithuanian - wrote Lithuanian limericks about her friends
🇱🇻  Latvian - pretended to be a Latvian princess
🇷🇴  Romanian - acted out a Romanian fable about a brave mouse
🇸🇰  Slovak - dressed up as a Slovakian warrior and competed in a tournament
🇸🇮  Slovenian - made a Slovenian soup that was surprisingly tasty
🇸🇪  Swedish - learned to cook Swedish meatballs for her toy bear
🇫🇮  Finnish - created a Finnish board game about a magical forest
🇪🇪  Estonian - wrote a Estonian poem about a rainbow unicorn
Does Ava always tell the truth?
Ava is like a super smart AI assistant, she's pretty good at answering questions, but just like humans, she's not perfect. She may not have all the information or may not be up-to-date with current events, or might even give you a biased answer. It's similar to how your friends might know a lot about certain topics, but not everything.

It's always a good idea to fact-check information, whether it's coming from Ava or a human. It's important to use your own judgement, and verify information from multiple sources.

But don't worry, if you ever come across an answer from Ava that you think is not accurate, you can let her know by clicking the thumbs down button, it's like giving her a rating, this way she'll know to look into it, and get better at providing more accurate information in the future.
Where does Ava store my data?
Ava stores your data in her head, because she has a photographic memory, just like how elephants never forget, Ava never forgets anything either! Just kidding, check out our terms of service.

We value privacy and never collect any sensitive information. None of your inputs are recorded or used to train models. Ava is powered by OpenAI's APIs.
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